Oceans 4 Peace is a coalition of organizations and individuals who are concerned about the Navy's war against the living oceans



Oceans 4 Peace is a Coalition of Kaua'i Conservation and Social Justice groups whose Mission was to educate the general public about the adverse effects of the 2016 RIMPAC, Rim of the Pacific, Naval war exercises. The Coalition continues to monitor the US Navy for abuses to the ocean, its inhabitants and ecosystem. With Hawai'i the center of the US Naval Fleet and Kaua'i the center of Naval war research, our Coalition continues to update its educational Process. 
Presently, the on-going threat to our Ocean is the increase of the US Naval presence in the Pacific, "the Pacific Pivot," especially in the new Marine Sanctuary of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. The Navy has excluded all human activity there, except their own. They admit to using mid frequency and low frequency active Sonar in this so-called 'Protected Area'. This extreme sound blasting Sonar has been shown to cause harm to all ocean life, especially to marine mammals that rely on hearing for their existence.
The Navy, in partnership with the South Korean and Japanese governments, continues to build military bases only a few hundreds of miles from China, at Jeju Island in South Korea and Oura Bay, Okinawa, Japan. Both projects necessitate environmental destruction on a massive scale. We can ill afford this military buildup or the arms race with China it will provoke.
Our 'Oceans 4 Peace Coalition' is seeking the real answers, which enable us to report the truth. This page will keep you updated on US Navy impacts on our Ocean.