Ecosystem Impacts

Rimpac Effects on the Ocean

Except for the fleets of government-subsidized factory fishing ships, no organization has done more harm to our Ocean than the US Navy. The United States has not been under a threat of naval warfare for over sixty years. Is all this war preparation really necessary?
This summer, the US has invited Navies from all over to come to Hawai’i without assessing the environmental impact and damage that these naval war “games” will produce, including:
     Sunken ships and their resultant pollution.
     Death and destruction from exploding missiles, cannons and torpedoes.
     Ear piercing deadly sonar blasting.
     Ship strikes of whales.
     Beach and harbor destruction for naval ports.
 Ocean pollution of invasive species from one port to another.
     Pollution, sewage and trash from an extra 25,000 people.
     Air pollution from diesel and bunker fuel.     
     Fossil fuel burning/global warming gas production.
Depleted Uranium (DU) waste from countless rounds of munitions fired into an ocean increasingly polluted with radioactive waste.
Unknown consequenses from DARPA tests.

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